The chicken is still in Piccadilly Square

Yes, yes, I'm with you so far?

29 November
I am a 24 year-old biology/anthropology student who spends way too much time reading fanfic--and not nearly enough time studying. I work as an independent contractor (which is just fancy for "paperboy")at night, which is actually a sweet job--20 hours a week, no boss, just drive around and rock the iPod.

Fun facts about me:
1. I am an atheist
2. I listen to classic rock
3. I have a rottweiler named Lucy
4. I played the flute for 8 years
5. I'm gay (and I think the word 'lesbian' is awkward)
6. I love sharks, robots, pin-up girls, tattoos, and skulls
7. I refuse to watch any drama about forensic science (CSI, Bones, etc...)
8. I'm addicted to Panda Express pot stickers
9. My current ringtone is Black Dog
10. I've been told by a lot of random strangers that my hair is amazing; and on one memorable occasion even managed to stop traffic (in a parking lot, but still!)